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After a big while a decided that I should not waste mi time anymore... I really need to change myself a little more, I need to see new things and leave the old ones away... ver, very... away... .
In Any way, there's still a chance to find pretty cool things. I should stop talking about myself, I know, I should stop talking about myself... I can get use to this place¬¬.
In other things I'm really looking forward to get a new guitar this seaon, i can't stop hearing music, so I know its great the idea to play those freaking cool songs... but, I know I'm not the first one with that dream, specially the adults, so, maybe I will lost my intereste someday. I'm a little scared, but that's the price of living in this world, change, pretty fast change... crap...

Well, that's it for now, so meanwhile... see you next time!

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