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I’ve never met a person with that view
Is hard to look like you
I don’t want to waste any of your vision
I need you to speak
I’ve never seen a mouth like you
Makes me want to talk

Believe me or not
I’m worried about your choice
It’s hard for me to look at you
I’m hurt by it
I’m useful, that’s all I can do

Trying and trying to hold on
I’m in prison for all that I’ve done
I just want to see your face
But something wants us away

Close your eyes so you can see me
And leave me here bored and hopeful
I’ll wait for you until someday
If you appear in front of me I’ll be happy
I just want to stop dreaming
And wake up from this twisted reality

I’m still trying to hold on
I want to see you right in front of my hope
You like to see me away
And I love to watch your smile
We are the perfect couple
I just need to freeze us in time

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