I killed You

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There's a cross in the ceiling,
Hangs waiving in the air,
It can’t escape from it’s faith,
The rope is a necklace around your neck.

But you don’t believe in God,
I understand,
He’s just a ghost,
There’s no faith in this world.

No hope for no one,
Not even for us,
I already buried you in the grave,
I prayed for your soul to left this world.

But you left my world,
And you kept living on your own,
We destroyed the bridge in our minds,
We buried the aches deep inside.

I am now alone,
All by myself,
While the only remain of you,
Its buried deep down an empty grave.

I killed you, I’m sorry.
I wanted to believe in something,
I wanted to feel I could solve,
I couldn’t just cry about.

And in the end my dream came true.
The fantasy became the nightmare,
The adult became a boy,
And the lights became a terrible shadow,
That lurks in my mind looking for you.

Because I killed you,
And I feel sorry,
But there’s nothing I can do.
I had to let you go.

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