A lie Inside a Wish

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Even thought I’ll cry,
even thought I’d die for it,
no matter how many times I remind myself,
the look on your eyes is the same.

I can’t keep on living,
this pathetic dream,
with nothing to gain,
only loose and keep away.

The ground I’m stepping,
Is falling in pieces,
I try to run to you,
but every time I end up alone.

Because the floor are my thoughts,
and you are you,
I am the fake night,
with the shinning armor but a broken sword.

And no matter how many times,
I die alone,
maybe God wanted me like this,
to be a sinner down a hill.

Or maybe is the devil reaching,
his hand trough me.

But every time I touch a rose,
it smells like you,
and every time I close my eyes,
you get inside my mind.

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