A Fallen Room

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Unlike any figure,
A monster departed the home,
Like a deadly widow,
Always hungry for more.

Run away from the darkness,
Our hearts became our enemies.
Destroy the structure of your life,
Change the words you praise a lot.

The world is endless
And your heart has been stolen.
Breath in the summer of the air,
And wish for a memory to come back again.

In the middle of your mind,
There’s a little voice that hides in the back,
It wants to live your life,
For too long it’s been locked in your arms.

The little voice from your head,
Now wishes your dismiss.
Wearing the chains of guilt,
The despair of old promises is worth nothing here.

The darkness surrounds your heart,
Old souls from the broken past,
Come back again to fight the mistake,
Nothing can stop a cynical man and his game.

Touch the dagger and bleed again,
Your skin screams to be alive.
The roses of time and space,
Living for the man to create again.

Your old life whispers your ear.
A slightly song,
Sticking in your endless beam.
Come back again, come back now,
I won’t be mad, I promise,
I just want to hold you in my arms.

A priest and a dead friend appear,
A man in a white robe laughs at your mistakes.
Life is hard for only one guy,
The only safe place for you is in the back of your mind.
In that fallen room you locked a while back.

Breath the fake air you have right now.
Don’t deal with the past that haunts your back.
Some other past will come back instead,
A little bit of humor in this empty soul again.

His name was Dexter,
He creates lies,
Sharp imaginary lines between the eyes,
They make you feel like your past life is leaving you behind.

Your body it’s not the same again,
Your memories are trapped in a fallen room in the back of your new place.
Looking for a way to stay,
The memories take forms that haunt your loved ones in the end.

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