Despair and promises

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Despair and promises

You are happy
We are happy
They are happy
The look happy to you?
I’m not felling so good

Don’t cry of panic
Just go away and have fun
Coz I’ll wait here
Leaving all your sorrows until you return

We are happy now
I made you a promise
A promise is a promise
A promise is a promise
I remember Michael your friend
But Brian sent him to hell
Why don’t we go now?
Coz I need to find the truth somehow

Despair and promises is all I see
They are us
You and me
Looking at your eyes I saw the beauty
Closing them for now
Hides all kinds of wonders

Make me fell proud
And I won’t drive you blind
Make them die
And sent me to my real home
You know where you are

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