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Dry skin escaping from your lips
You are tired of talking with your imaginary friend
Think twice before you go to bed
Maybe a ghost of me is expecting you there

Light up the candle of your past
Show me who you really are
Are you a thirsty vampire that came across for me?
Or a sad ghost that has been in my back this whole time?

Stand by the fire that was born from your hands
Watch the little shadows dance
They dance across as we fall
You cursed them as you died for them tonight

Survive the path from of your nightmares
And catch the star that you dreamt
So the ecstasies follows us again
In the deep night of the end

Love can be the destroyer of worlds
But you rule them with strong iron words
Now that the candles are on
You can see me laying down with no on the floor

Death is the end of our game
It’s when you close your eyes and thank to God for another day
And sleep hoping to dream
When in real you condemn your life for what you have dome to me

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