Democracy rimes with Hipocrecy

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There's a reason why democracy rimes with the word democracy, they both have similarities, like... well, both of them are practiced by millions of people, both of them are free speech and in both cazes we don't know if it's really what it should be.
Democracy was created to move mases, hipocrecy is the kind of politic that help us get to our goals, no matter what the cost is. So both of them aren't that different from each other.
In a democratic city, is easy to find hipocracy being done everywhere, even by me. What is the first point of democracy and hipocrecy? Still is unknown, of course in some countries like in the US democracy is an example of a bunch of tall dudes with out their shirts drinking beer and shooting at the sky hoping to kill and islamit. In Mexico democracy is a bunch of people stealing money inside an office with a camera on close to them. In countries like Nigeria or Colombia, democracy is a joke.
Hipocrecy in the other hand, is well known everywhere and used by many people, even when they don't note this, still most of the times they do, is part of the human nature, the hipocrecy is born as a part of us and dies still like a part of us, we practice our life conscious of this thing, and we don't worry. I don't worry of my own hipocrecy but it bitches me when someone else hipocrecy's interfieres with mine, or my lifestyle. Everything would be a little more better if instead of borning with hipocrecy human beans were borned with a little concept of democracy in their brains, which concept would be increasing as they grow up, sadly life is the way it is and it's only purpose is to keep pushing as many people as it can in order to maintain a certain order, of course, democracy is just a power of a few people, while hipocrecy, remains for everyone.
The same reason why comunism rimes with erotism.

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