How could I

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Memorize the phrases
written in those letters,
creating miracles,
out of unexpected places.

Singing joy,
dancing scared,
I'm only here,
to enter unaffected.

I just want to play with you,

In your backyard,

Take that old ball,

Have fun like the old times.

And the spirits,

Get trough the windows,

They turn and look at you,

They penetrate you like a widow.

And you reborn,


Old died,

Fresh and new mop the floor.

How could I let this happened?

I don’t know,

The spirits say I’m insane,

You just cry and that’s all you have to say.

I’m teleported back to reality,

I feel a gently touch around me,

It’s not you, neither me,

It’s a dead ghost I killed recently.

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gracias por la respuesta, muy interesante el proyecto