The Unpredictable Pain

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Issues from the past,
shadows from your eyes,
the world spins around a needle,
that puts the medicine in your sickness.

An old bird sings a song,
a sad song of goodbye,
the world melts away as you try to talk,
the sun fades and the twilight rises.

The smiles turn into doors,
that open to a world,
far away from you,
pieces of imaginaries skies,
rising above your eyes,
as your fingers fade away,
your pain is left behind.

Burn me,
as you are cold.
The memories are far beyond,
our own mission is to drive below.

I don’t feel like loving you anymore,
I want to listen to your voice,
don’t leave this world behind,
my selfish self speaks tonight.

The life is recorded,
our skies are purple,
my world doesn’t melt,
yours is about to begin.

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